Sola Bredbånd – Dark fiber provider
in the municipality of Sola


Dark fiber provider in the municipality of Sola

Sola Bredbånd is the leading dark fiber infrastructure owner in the municipality of Sola, located in the greater Stavanger region in western Norway. The Company was established by the municipality of Sola in 2003 to develop and maintain critical fiber-based infrastructure to homes, businesses, and municipality functions in the municipality.

The monopolistic network has been developed stretch-by-stretch, with c. 99% homes passed in the private market and c. 70% of B2C homes (>8,000 homes) passed being connected.

The company provides dark fiber access, distribution, and core/backbone infrastructure, as well as co-location services, through which telecom operators provide end-user services. The network consists of c. 580 km of fiber cabling and 17 colocation sites.

Infranode owns 100% of Sola Bredbånd. Infranode is actively working with the company on various topics to continue to deliver high speed fiber to the residents of Sola.

Investeringsdatum: December 2022

Land: Norway

Sektor: Fiber