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Investing for better infrastructure

We make today’s and tomorrow's society stronger


A Nordic player with local presence and Nordic focus

Investing in Norwegian social infrastructure

Long term investment in rehabilitation, specialist care and pre-school facilities in Norway through Omsorgsbolig Holding

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The leading independent district heating company in Norway

We provide sustainable heating and cooling solutions in the Greater Oslo area together with Oslofjord Varme

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A new heating concept in Finland

We provide heating capacity as a service in Finland through Varmalämmitys

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Developing renewable heating in the Oslo region

Together with Akershus county municipality, we create sustainable heating and cooling in the Oslo region

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The new energy company

We contribute to a greener society through Eneo Solutions’s complete solutions for solar and heating needs

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Improving district heating in Sweden

We create green heating throughout the country together with Vasa Värme

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"With Infranode as a partner, AEV will be strengthened economically and get a knowledgeable and growth-oriented partner"

– Jørn Myhrer, CEO of Akershus Energi