Infranode is a strong believer in responsible investing with focus on environmental, social and governance issues, and its overarching long term model puts sustainability at the center of its modus operandi.

Infranode believes that a high standard of business conduct as well as a responsible approach to ESG issues makes good business sense and is more likely to create sustainable value over the long term. Conversely, poor management of those issues may pose a risk to the reputation and value of businesses.


For Infranode, a responsible and sustainable approach is to invest in infrastructure assets and projects that promote a sustainable and efficient functioning of the environments, economies, communities and people that they serve. For example, this means infrastructure that has low or positive carbon impact, is climate and weather resilient, provides cross-system complementarity and brings affordability and social inclusiveness.

As a result of the long-term nature of the assets and projects Infranode invests in, sustainability is at the core of each step of the investment process, from rigorous due diligence in the appraisal of investment opportunities through the ongoing management of ESG in the assets’ daily operations. Infranode has developed its proprietary in-house ESG tool through which the execution of its ESG policy is implemented and monitored.

ESG Overview

ESG tool

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Infranode is a signatory of the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) since 2016. As a signatory, Infranode is required to report annually on its adherence to these key investment and asset management principles.

Infranode is also a member of the Swedish Forum for Sustainable Investments (SWESIF), where Infranode is involved in developing the alternative investments scope of the organization.

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