Christian Doglia

Founding Partner
+46 73 320 74 87

Christian has over 10 years of infrastructure sector experience and a total of 15 years international experience in credit structuring, corporate finance and business development across a variety of European jurisdictions. Read more »


Aleksi Graan

Country Lead Finland
+46 72 575 18 32
+358 40 511 54 73

Aleksi is a Director and Country Lead Finland in the Infranode team. He has five years of experience from investments and strategy projects in the power and utility sector. Read more »

Joel Löfroth

+46 72 540 7175

Joel is an Associate at Infranode. Before joining Infranode he worked in the Nordic Coverage team at RBS in Stockholm and the M&A team of Ellevio. Read more »


Diana Sepúlveda

Investment Consultant

Diana is an Investment Consultant in the Infranode team, based in Oslo. She has 15 years of experience from advisory, investments and debt financing in the international infrastructure sector. Read more »


Ingemar Skogö

Senior Advisor

Ingemar has more than 40 years of experience within the Swedish public sector and more than 25 years in leading positions in the transportation infrastructure sector including director-general of the Swedish Road Administration and Swedish Civil Aviation Administration, chairman positions in, among others, Swedish Civil Aviation Administration, MAX-lab research facility, Öresund Bridge Consortia and Arlandabanan Infrastructure. Read more »

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Tapio Saarenpää

Senior Advisor

Tapio has 30 years of experience from the Finnish energy sector, of which he spent 10 as CEO at three energy companies. Under his leadership a new nuclear power company, Fennovoima, secured approvals from the Finnish government and parliament for a new nuclear power plant in Finland. Read more »

Philip Ajina

Founding Partner
+46 70 755 99 78

Philip has seven years of infrastructure sector experience in Sweden and a total of 12 years experience in investments, M&A, business development and corporate law. Read more »

Carl-Emil Lindholm

Investment Manager
+46 70 566 57 36

Carl-Emil is an Investment Manager in the Infranode team. Before joining Infranode he worked as an analyst within the M&A department of the Swedish utility company Vattenfall. Read more »


Johan Medin

+46 73 867 30 76

Johan is an Associate at Infranode. Before joining Infranode he worked as an Investment Banking analyst at Nordea in Stockholm. Read more »

Lars Åberg

Senior Advisor and Member of
the Investment Committee

Lars has almost 40 years experience within the financial sector of which over 20 years in senior positions within the Swedish AP Funds (Head of Fixed Income) and the Swedish pension and insurance company AMF (Head of Fixed Income, Head of ALM and Head of Asset Allocation). Read more »

Allan Larsson

Senior Advisor

Allan has more than 40 years of experience within the public sector with positions such as Finance Minister, Member of Parliament and Director General of the EU Commission. Allan is involved in the Swedish Infrastructure Commission and has for a longer period been working with sustainability on a local and global level. Read more »

Erik Turai

CFO, Areim group
+46 72 252 50 74

Erik joined Areim in 2011 and has over 20 years of experience working with financial management in various real estate companies. Read more »

Leif Andersson

Founding Partner and Chairman of the Investment Committee
+46 70 454 65 20

Leif has over 25 years of experience from the real estate and financial sector. He spent almost 10 years at the AP funds real estate affiliate AP Fastigheter as Head of Investments and left in 2002 to start Areim, where he now serves as chairman. Read more »


Johan Tiselius

+46 70 495 16 48

Johan is an Associate at Infranode. Before joining Infranode he worked as an Investment Banking analyst at Citi’s Nordic head office in Stockholm. Read more »

John-Edward Olingsberg

+46 76 105 36 04

John-Edward is an Analyst at Infranode. He holds bachelor’s degrees from both Stockholm University and the Stockholm School of Economics and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Finance at the latter. Read more »


Anders Olsson

Senior Advisor and Member of
the Investment Committee

Anders has over 30 years of experience from the energy sector in the Nordics including electricity distribution and heat, including 10 years in leading positions within E.ON as well as member of the board in the Swedish Energy Association. Read more »


Elisabeth Morthen

Senior Advisor

Elisabeth has more than 20 years of experience within the Norwegian energy sector and more than 30 years of experience from strategic and organizational development in the public and private sectors, including leading positions and board positions at, among others, Statkraft, Innovation Norway and the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway. Read more »

Alexandra BW

Alexandra Björklund

Investor Relations
+46 72 078 82 63

Alexandra is responsible for Investor Relations in the Areim Group. She joined Areim in 2017 and has over ten years of experience from the finance industry. Read more »